Can I submit in more than two languages?

Yes, you can submit as many different language translations of your poem as you would like. Please submit them all in one single file. 

Who is the intended audience of this anthology?

The intended audience is all people who enjoy poetry, including policy makers, educators, practitioners of restorative justice, poets, and those who love peace and want to work to transform conflict in all its forms through a more productive, generative process.

When can I expect a reply about the status of my submission?

We anticipate sending notifications for acceptance into the anthology in mid-March. 

To whom I should contact if I face any technical issues?

You may try different browsers first, and reach out to our team and email us through (peacepoetrypolicy@gmail.com).  

When will the anthology be published?

The intended publication date will be announced during Summer 2024.

Will I be compensated for my submission to the anthology?

The Peace, Poetry, & Policy Project is intended to amplify voices on the subject of how poetry can help contribute to conflict transformation internationally and is not able to offer compensation for submissions beyond their inclusion in the anthology.

Are co-authored pieces accepted?

Yes. Please include everyone’s name in the available space when submitting.

What if I had somebody else translate my poem?

Please include both names in the available space with labels for who is the author and who is the translator. 

Do I retain the copyright to my poem if I submit to Peace, Poetry, & Policy?

Yes. All poets will retain the copyright of their poems. 

Will the book be published online only?

No, we intended for the book to be available for purchase both online and as a physical copy.

Can I submit a previously published poem?

Yes, as long as you own the rights to publish or we are able to obtain the rights to publish from your previous publisher.